Art Tooth at SOMA

This micro-park and exhibition were made possible by a partnership with Art South and SoMa District Fort Worth. Art South is a Near Southside art in residency program supporting publicly accessible art experiences that enriches the community. This year they welcome Art Tooth, their inaugural artists' collective in residence through April 2020.


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Tracy McKinney, Urban Fibers Pop-Up

October 19, 2019

Stop on by the Art Tooth at SoMa District Fort Worth container during ArtsGoggle 2019 - Saturday, October 19 - Noon to 10pm to check out the work of Tracy McKinney, AKA, Urban Fibers Studio!

Sponsored by The Greenhouse 817.

All of Tracy's work is available to purchase here:


Allester Vinteers and Kimberly Cecil, Primordial Aquarium

September 7 - October 13, 2019

Reception: September 19, 6-9 in partnership with Morgan Mercantile

“The piece was inspired by our desire so see more collaborative work between artists in our community. A collaboration between the both of us was perfect because we both made ceramics that resemble shell-like forms. Conveniently, the shipping crate, with its glass panes, was the perfect "aquarium" to host our art work. Our installation evokes a sense of wonder and fantasy. It takes the viewer away from land and back in time. Our installation is particularly suitable for a public space because it is something both art enthusiasts and the general public can appreciate. It is call of awareness to the public that Texas was once underwater.”

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Katie Toon, BLOOMS

June 27 - August 22, 2019

Reception: July 18, 6-9 in partnership with Morgan Mercantile

With “Blooms,” Katie Toon explores permanence and impermanence through the tender and intimate beauty of flowers. Composed of enlarged photographs of flowers in various stages of life and decay and an installation piece of organza and satin fabric petals and flowers suspended from the ceiling further inundate the viewer with the fleeting and transient. The scale of the photographs and installation is designed to immerse the audience in softness and luminescence, connected with the ephemeral.


Dunbar High School, Twombly Responses

May 1 - June 6

These works were created by students from Dunbar High School in partnership with The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. DHS faculty member, Dev'n Goodman organized the collaborations of fellow DHS teacher Devyn Gaudet and The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth ’s Assistant Curator of Education Jesse Morgan Barnett who worked with their students to create sculptures inspired by American artist Cy Twombly.

These found object constructions have been coated with various slips or washes of white, as if to neutralize the heterogeneous effects of their assembly. In this quiet and poetic reading, the individual aspects of each object become more legible, unified, yet distinct.

Cy Twombly has spoken about the monochromatic nature of his sculptures as a blank page or marble.  When we encounter these objects, their materiality feels familiar yet uncommon, elusive yet literal.