Call for Shipping Container Installation

Art Tooth is excited to share the opportunity for artists to display their work or create new work for our temporary residency at SoMa micro park. You might be familiar with the Art South container which debuted on Magnolia street with a large sculpture by Jay Wilkinson. The container has now moved to South Main Street between Vickery and Daggett as part of the SoMa micro park. The ( now Art Tooth pink) shipping container is a perfect spot for exploration of 3D media. The intention of the MicroPark is to create a space for the community to come together and is passed by thousands of people every day. Installations will be displayed for 6 weeks.

Big thanks as always to Near Southside for the opportunity to have a semi-permanent gallery space in Fort Worth.


Any artist in the state of Texas. 18 & up. Must be able to come to install/deinstall.

Submission Requirements

  • A written description of proposed artwork, including: title, medium, dimensions (height x width x depth), weight, installation method and anchoring procedure

    • If proposing existing work: photographs or slides of artwork.

    • If proposing a new work: working drawings or photograph of maquette to scale.

  • Artist’s statement and resume

  • Up to ten images of the artist’s previous work. All images must be clearly labeled with the name of the artist, title of the work, media and dimensions

  • Installation budget under $500

Submit your proposal by email to

Due Date: September 30, 2019

Proposal materials will not be returned and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Exhibition Space

Shipping Container dimensions are 8’ x 8’ x 20’. Glass walls are on 2 of 4 sides to allow for viewing. Lights are included and come on every night. Entry is via the side doors, which open to 8’ x 8’. While the container contains solar fans, the artwork must be able to survive temperatures up to 115℉. The container will be locked and sealed at all times, unless the artist wishes to open it during the opening and/or closing reception. 

Review Process

A panel, including Near Southside, reviews proposals. Issues of particular concern to include safety and durability of the artwork, and its suitability to the site. Please expect 2 weeks before notification.

Artist Responsibilities

  • Propose high quality art that responds to guidelines

  • Propose a budget and a plan for fabrication, installation, maintenance, and deinstallation

  • Oversee installation/deinstallation of artwork

  • Coordinate with Art Tooth

  • Monitor and maintain the artwork during the display period

  • Grant Art Tooth and Near Southside the right to use any depictions of the artwork for non-commercial purposes (credit will be given to the artist)

Art Tooth Responsibilities

  • Posts on social media and website with all credit to artist

  • Opening and/or closing reception celebrating the installation

  • Vinyl signage for the exhibition

About Art Tooth

Art Tooth serves as an arts partner, artist resource, and gallery project designed to elevate the creative practice of local artists through exhibitions, events, partnerships, and social media presence. Founded in 2016 with the belief that there were not enough opportunities for artists in the city of Fort Worth, Art Tooth set out to work with local businesses and organizations to make invigorating art accessible and solidify the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area’s reputation as an art destination.

About Near Southside Inc.

Near Southside, Inc. (NSI) is a private, member-funded, 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing the Near Southside. Organizationally NSI runs with a small staff of four which relies heavily on stakeholders and volunteers to realize the vision of the community. NSI began as a small coalition of Near Southside businesses and community leaders and has grown dramatically over the last two decades. Woven with care, the fabric of our community is on display whether rain or shine.

Neighborhood concepts are re-imagined as the beneficial alliance between the medical district, small business owners and residents – each strengthen the unique selling points of the others. NSI bolsters members’ efforts amidst big city interests, which, in turn, protects the momentum of the neighborhood and, by extension, the community at large. We invite you to join us as we promote the ongoing redevelopment of the Near Southside as a vibrant, urban, mixed-use neighborhood.