Corporate Sponsors


Art Tooth is actively seeking private businesses to partner with. Our events and social media presence attract young professionals who seek our unique cultural experiences. Whether partnering with the Kimbell Art Museum through our biannual pArty bus, organizing fun events for the Modern Art Museum’s Meet Me at the Modern show openings, or simply co-hosting art-themed parties at Blackhouse (a new event space), Art Tooth is a cultural trendsetter.  

As a corporate sponsor at the $5,000 level, your business and your message will be blended into our events while your brand will be associated with Fort Worth’s most innovative emerging visual artists as well as the iconic cultural institutions we partner with.

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Media clips: 360 West, Fort Worth Magazine, Madeworthy Magazine, Fort Worth Weekly

Partnerships: Kimbell Art Museum, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Events: pArty bus, our private biannual Gallery Night bus tour; chef/artist mixer events, which let guests mingle with prominent artists and chefs; and curated art shows and social events throughout the year.

We’re Social: Instagram 2,000+, Facebook 2,400

Our followers and event attendees -- around 1,500 people attended our events in 2018 -- generally fall within the 25-40 age range and include several social media influencers in the fields of fashion, photography, art, and food. Our demographics also include the so-called “aspirational class” of consumers who list quality of life and seeking new experiences as a top priority.