Ro2ooth Artist Previews

Sneak peeks at some of the artists and works on display at Ro2ooth.

Ollie Gee

If you're not laughing, you're crying

The child of a successful artist and a nomadic parent, Ollie Gee spent much of her young life traveling across the United States. Her family's frequent relocating limited extended social engagements and encouraged Ollie to spend much of her time absorbing new cultural experiences and creating a rich imaginative life.  Her work, a reflection of this outsider life, explores the dichotomy between humor and the sinister and how such things are personified.

As part of her dollhouse series, Ollie Gee has re-envisioned this iconic childhood toy using both handmade and found objects to fabricate a dreamlike space in which her cast of characters set the stage for an alternate representation of our social surroundings. In "Laundering Money for Dummies" Ollie playfully channels the collective displeasure and disbelief at the current political climate.

Ollie Gee
Laundering Money for Dummies, 2016