Ro2ooth Artist Previews

Sneak peeks at some of the artists and works on display at Ro2ooth.

Greg Bahr

Objects take on numerous qualities with a subtle shift of light

Currently the Lead Preparator at the Amon Carter Museum of American, Greg Bahr is a visual artist residing in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and daughters.

His works often explore the characteristics of light, color, and form. Simple shapes become illuminated, with no reference to scale or sense of place, materializing as their own constructed environment.

Morning Rounds, silkscreen on paper, adopts a pattern based on Bahr's daily gallery check performed every morning. The ethos of the image - a sort of mandala that emerges from this daily practice - is further underscored by the process of silkscreening as it folds into the repetitive, zen nature of the act.

Greg Bahr
Morning Rounds, 2016
20" x  20"